Members of the ROHRZ Reading Branch met at Morrison’s supermarket, Rose Kiln Lane to help in bag packing for customers. The initiative was part of the branch’s fundraising to support local foodbanks and the response was very good. ROHRZ members took time to chat with customers telling them about the Zimbabwean situation. Most were sympathetic and wished the members well. Some shoppers donated part of their shopping to be given to deserving people. Members highlighted the fact that though there was talk of austerity there was still a lot of food being wasted which could be shared among people of less means. The members received a boost from the MP for Reading East Rob Wilson who came to offer his support. He is very pleased with the work ROHRZ Reading is doing. After the bag packing members thanked the store manager for the opportunity and said they would be happy to help again for this good cause.

Afterwards everyone went to the RISC for the general meeting which went very well with the chairman asking members to keep working hard. There was feedback from respective portfolio holders. Members spoke on the preparations for the upcoming big Saturday to be held on the 8th August 2015. Everyone seemed ready and members volunteered to help to make the event a success. The treasurer thanked members for their pledges which she said would go a long way to resource branch activities. The treasurer also presented the Branch quarterly financial statement which everyone present was happy with. There was a discussion on the need for members to fully engage in both branch and national activities as a way to help the suffering in Zimbabwe through lobbying and highlighting abuses and being the voice of the voiceless. Also discussed was members’ welfare and how members think about welfare. It was a positive discussion which will be continued.