Reading Branch members were on Broad Street where they met a lot of people and shared with them the unprecedented decline of human rights and the constant harassment of human rights activists by the repressive regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Many sympathisers remembered Zimbabwe with nostalgia as a beautiful country. We highlighted that the current regime has brought misery and suffering of unimaginable proportions to the nation. The country has become a police state where any voice of dissent is silenced with excessive force no matter how trivial the issue. Members handed out flyers covering information on the current situation in Zimbabwe and the support and help we are seeking. ROHR members want Zimbabwe brought up on the international radar so we can show to the outside world that Zimbabwe is not a safe place anymore for human rights activists and people perceived not to have a ZANU PF allegiance.

After the street protest and awareness outreach, members went on to a general meeting which went well with everyone present agreeing to take a more assertive stance against the Harare government of Mugabe. The comrades present suggested that we should highlight the Zimbabwe issue more than ever as we under siege from the dark forces of Mugabe. The fate of the prominent human rights activist Itai Dzamara who was abducted 4 months ago and has never been found or accounted for was discussed and there was condemndation for the regime trying to disassociate itself from what has happened to him. Reading ROHR members find the fate of Dzamara painful and have pledged to escalate his cause further.

Preparations for the upcoming Afro Cultural Big Saturday food bank fundraiser to be held on the 8th August 2015 were discussed and all is on track for the big day. The chairperson asked everyone to support the event in every way they can. There was also a happy moment when members celebrated the belated birthday of one the members. It was a very good meeting and everyone wished each other well.