Members of ROHR Reading gathered on Broad Street to raise awareness on the abuse of human rights in Zimbabwe by the illegitimate regime of Robert Mugabe .The protest lasted 2 hours and there was a lot of sympathy and many passers-by came and talked about the Zimbabwe situation. Most of the people were aware of who Mugabe is and how bad he has been in the past. Some members of the public joined the protest against the murderous regime of Mugabe. Our members told people there was no rule of law, abductions are on the rise of activists and people who are seen to be unsympathetic to the regime. Members also spoke of the lack of proper health care services.

Later the members went on to hold their general meeting at the RISC where the twinning of Reading Branch with Mashonaland East Province to increase the pressure on the Zimbabwe government was discussed. Also discussed was the welfare of the branch members many of whom are struggling to make ends meet. Members agreed to help each other when other members are in dire need of support. Work on a second round of the Parliamentary debate on the Zimbabwe situation is gathering steam and members are looking forward to it. It was agreed also that members should write to the Home Secretary asking why Zanu PF members are allowed to come to Britain to beg for money to prop up their illegal regime while they abuse, berate and spew racial remarks against Western countries and the British in particular. Everyone present was in agreement that we need to escalate our activism and make a lot of noise about the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe.

Report compiled by Nicodimus Muganhu, Chair ROHRZ Reading Branch & National Deputy Head of Fundraising.