In a colorful event, hundreds of exiles living in the United Kingdom gathered in traditional fashion to mark the 7th anniversary in existence of the voice of reason which has been calling for the liberation of the people of Zimbabwe from the oppressive rule of Mugabe and his cronies.  

So is the energy which has characterized the unity of a people determined to speak with one voice for the noble cause of raising awareness against a man made tragedy that has befallen their fellow kinsman under the yoke of Robert Mugabe back home.  

The Zimbabwe Vigil has been a symbol of protest assuming the watch dog role of not letting things like abuse of the voiceless pass unchallenged as far as the struggle for people’s freedoms is concerned in Zimbabwe. Now partnered with ROHR Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Vigil has worked with progressive forces like WOZA, the labor body ZCTU, SAVE Zimbabwe campaign to mention but a few.  

A blistering culture for the fight for basic freedoms has culminated into a more versatile religion to the London Vigils. Not a single Saturday passes without them converging out of their own evolution to chant songs of hope and mimic the lifestyle of those that have made it possible for Zimbabwe to be in the abyss of malaise since attaining independence from Britain 

Since formation, the Zimbabwe Vigil has not looked back but has joined hands with like-minded individuals, organizations, governments to lobby towards the resolve of Zimbabwe’s muiti layered crisis which has been heightened by ZANU PF‘s standing in the way of democratic reform and full implementation of the fragile Global Political Agreement.  

Amongst those the Vigil has been calling out to hear the plight of the Zimbabwean people is the beleaguered guarantor to the GPA, the Southern African Development Committee (SADC). It is heart breaking that SADC has ignored the calls by the Zimbabwean people for Mugabe to respect human rights, put an end to political persecution, land evasions, culture of impunity and draconian media laws.  

The Vigil has called upon the United Kingdom government and the European Union to take up a tough stance against all the SADC countries that have been sympathetic and provided a life line to the Robert Mugabe regime by suspending government to government aid and instead channel it to the starving Zimbabweans.