On Thursday 2nd July 2009 ROHR Harare provincial coordinating committee held its first meeting meant to map the way forward in terms of activities and programs. The committee promised to make ROHR visible and active towards the Zimbabwean cause especially in Harare since it is the capital of Zimbabwe. All the eleven elected members turned up for the meeting which was chaired by Mr. Last Maengahama the Harare Chairperson. 

The Harare provincial committee elected into office on the 20th June 2009 promised to work hard and united for the organization’s success. They tasked every member to show high level of commitment for the programs to be successful. The committee proposed a number of events they would conduct with the first being setting up of grassroots committees in all the 29 constituencies of Harare 

Some of the activities they proposed are leadership development and capacity building workshops for members in Harare province. Speaking after the workshop the Harare field officer Vimbai Mbisva said that the members showed a high level of commitment by turning up for the meeting and the general consensus that they will all take part in the activities of the province is a clear sign of commitment. What they are asking for are resources to make sure that their goal is achieved. “All the members were in high spirit and eager to make Harare the leading province in terms of activities”, said the Field Officer. 

They then requested that the organization make provisions for information material which will be distributed during the structuring exercise. They requested T-shirts especially for the committee so that when they go out to constituencies and districts they can be identified with the organization. Other materials such as fliers, newsletters and brochures are also among a list of materials they would want for their programs. They tasked the organization to keep their spirit up by ensuring that their demands are met for them to achieve the goal they have set for themselves.  

From the ROHR Information Department
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