ROHR Southampton Branch would like to thank the AWCA (Asian Welfare and Cultural Association) for their support for the organisation by inviting the group to perform at an event they organised and held in Eastleigh, Southampton on Sunday 19/07/2015 where the group managed to raise £150. The event was very successful and was undoubtedly appreciated by the crowds that came to watch as they asked us to go back on stage to give them an encore when we had finished.

The unique and exciting opportunity to share some of the Zimbabwean culture with people in Eastleigh was greatly appreciated. The event’s huge success brought together people of diverse cultures. Lots of people expressed their hope that there will be more similar events which allow mutual respect and understanding to grow between communities.

The group sang African traditional songs and danced in lovely unique African fashion in time to an African drum and percussion beat. They also had the opportunity to explain to the public our aims and objectives as ROHR when they came to our stall.

A very big thank you goes to all the ROHR members from sister branches that came to support our cause. Special thanks to Sally Mutseyami (Southampton Chairperson), Grace Rukure (Southampton Secretary), Linda Mariyacha (Southampton Treasurer), Jacob Sithole (Southampton Committee Member), Fungayi Mabhunu (Central London Chairperson), Cde Ishmael Makina (Central London), Enniah Dube (Leicester Chairperson), Edward Mukuze (Southampton Information and Publicity Officer), Cde Aaron (Southampton Committee Member) and Tino Mashonganyika (Birmingham Vice Chairperson). More importantly thanks to the members of the public who came to watch us perform and gave us lots of encouragement.

Edward Mukuze, ROHR Southampton Information and Publicity Officer