ROHR South Africa would like to respond to recent public notices inserted by and bearing the signatures of Stendrick Zvorwadza and Grace Mupfurutsa masquerading as ROHR Zimbabwe.  ROHR South Africa Chapter wishes to distance itself  from this group and wishes to notify the media, partners, civic society and members of the public that the aforementioned people have nothing to do with ROHR Zimbabwe, can never speak, act or contract on behalf of ROHR.

The position is: Stendrick Zvorwadza, Ronald Mureverwi and Edgar Chikuvire were expelled from ROHR Zimbabwe for violating its constitution and founding principles. Grace Mupfurutsa who claims to be a board member of ROHR is an alien who wants to gate crash the organization through the trio’s machinations. 

In an attempt to hijack ROHR Zimbabwe the group has been spewing malicious, misleading and extremely defamatory public notices and press releases. Our membership takes exception to such mischief. As a human rights organization, we encourage everyone to resort to the rule law and legal due process. We encourage law abiding citizenship, respect to our organization, its membership, and secretariat.

The ROHR South Africa Chapter through its Chairman Mr. Reason Machengere continues to rally behind ROHR Zimbabwe as led by its founding President and Board Chairperson Ephraim Tapa and Executive Director Tichanzii Gandanga, its secretariat and membership.

We remain true and steadfast to ROHR Zimbabwe’s founding principles and vision to lobby to fight for the entrenchment of human rights in support of the broader democratisation process in Zimbabwe.  Any attempts at subversion through the hijacking of the organisation will be strongly resisted.

Thank you

Reason Machengere, ROHR South Africa Chairperson
Phone +27837419076