Spring had sprung sooner than expected, the daffodils were blooming and the sun was shining. All roads were leading to Broad Street, Reading, the venue for the first Reading Branch outreach in 2014. ROHR members converged on the Reading Shopping mall to raise awareness for human rights and to fundraise for foodbanks. ROHR members sang and danced to traditional songs and drums. This attracted huge crowds who came to watch and listen to what ROHR members had to offer. ROHR members waved placards and distributed leaflets with information about human rights in Zimbabwe and the Right to Food. This was the most lively outreach ever in the history of the Reading Branch. Thereafter all participants went to the Reading International Solidarity Centre where the general meeting was held from 2 to 4.30pm. Mr Muganhu welcomed all in attendance and introduced the agenda. Minutes of the last meeting were read and were approved. Actions included feedback from the National Executive Committee regarding forging a partnership with TWOCO. Charles Dumisani Ndlovu spoke about the traits of a good leader. There was also input from the Labour Councillor, Betty Thickner, who encouraged ROHR members to work with other charitable organisations, such as Refugee Action. She also offered advice on how to connect with other charitable organisations who use the foodbank concept to feed the poor. Michael Ogunseye from Africa Network shared information on immigration matters especially about how to help those in detention. Overall the day was very exciting and rewarding. Mr Muganhu thanked members from Southampton, Milton Keynes, Central London and Slough, who came to support the Reading Branch.

Eric Eluwasi