ROHR Coventry was relaunched on 02/02/2913 and what an exciting day it was!  The occasion was attended by members from Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Leicester. The President Mr Tapa was also in attendance. It was held at the Stoke Heath Community Centre in Coventry.


Members were given a warm welcome by one of the event organisers, Hilda Gwesele, who invited the President to the floor. In his address, Mr Tapa started by thanking Coventry Branch for organising the re-launch.  He explained that the organisation ROHR (Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe) was a non-partisan human rights watchdog. He emphasized that ROHR was keen on the restoration ofhuman rights in Zimbabwe to stop the suffering. The President also expressed that ROHR had a goal to keep fighting for human rights until peace, justice and freedom was realised in Zimbabwe. Mr Tapa prompted all members to play their part by recruiting new members to cause and to keep the flame burning for the sake of the motherland.


Members were given the floor to discuss the Zimbabwe situation. They voiced their concerns on the upcoming Zimbabwe elections – that people were afraid of the potential violence reminiscent of 2008 elections and expressed concern over the lack of sincerity and due care on the part of the Inclusive Government. The whole house agreed that ZANU PF was poised to steal the election and that Zimbabwe lacked leadership. Some members also expressed concern over abuse of women by the youth militia and the looting of diamonds by the political elites. The meeting was unanimous in their rejection of the draft constitution arguing that it was written by four leaders of political parties and not the people and was meant to safeguard the interests of the political elites. They were equally scathing in their criticism of opposition leadership’s lack of regard of human rights causes and utterances attributed to the Zimbabwe Premier suggesting it was now safe for Zimbabweans abroad to return home.


The relaunching of the Coventry Branch was organised by the members of Coventry who showed dedication to the cause and loyalty to the organization. Hats off to Tafadzwa Mushakwe for her tireless efforts in organizing the venue and mobilizing a high turnout; to Future Mafukidze for allowing the team to prepare food at her house free of charge; to Esinati Mbaluko for donating money for food and to Justice Matiza for taking care of the kids. The Chairperson also appreciated the Chinomona family for the donations they made towards making the event a success. The meeting gave members a platform to express their views on the Zimbabwe Crisis and for those who were not familiar with ROHR, to gain more knowledge on human rights and the organisation. New members were also made aware of their role in the organization including the obligation to subscribe.


Lastly elections were conducted and the new Coventry executive came out as follows:


Chair: Hilda Gwesele

Vice-Chair: Rodwell Chinomona

Secretary: Tendai Sarah Chinomona

Organising Secretary: Tafadzwa Mushakwe

Vice Organising Secretary: Future Mafuratidze

Treasurer: Kudzayi Chinomona

Information and Publicity Secretary: Justine Matiza

Vice Information and Publicity Tendai Vheremu

Fundraising: Sarah Bwetu, Esinati Mbuluku


In her vote of thanks, the newly elected Chair, Hilda Gwesele took the opportunity to thank members present for their effort, and the National Executive members for the support and leadership. It was indeed a jolly good day!