The Restoration Of Human Right International is arguably amongst some of the fastest growing human rights groups advocating for the protection of human rights and respect for the rule of law particularly in Zimbabwe and the world in general.

The Restoration Of Human Rights International currently has operational chapters throughout the United Kingdom and all provinces of Zimbabwe and new chapters are being set up in South Africa, Botswana and Australia.

With the organisationbeginning to receive general recognition for its efforts to fight for the restoration of human rights to the downtrodden Zimbabwean populace, we as ROHR Zimbabwe Chapter are extremely disappointed with media reports that seek todistract our focus in the fight to bring sanity in respect of human rights in our country.

Latest media reports run an unfounded issue that the Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe Chapter was or is in a state of crisis that has warranted the founding President of the organisation Mr Ephraim Tapa to rush into the country to convene a special meeting described as a ‘kangaroo meeting’ by the media to rescue the organisation.

The facts of the matter are that the article about the happenings inside ROHR Zimbabwe are a falsehood founded on information supplied to the media houses by disgruntled sources within the organisation bent on wanting to fight for personal glory at the expense of the entire organisation and consequently the fight for human rights protection in the country.

Contrary to the mediareports, ROHR Zimbabwe held its quarterly National Executive Meeting in the CBD of Gweru on Saturday 18th June where, amongst many other resolutions, a resolution to exclude two members of the ROHR Zimbabwe Chapter was passed.

The two, who incidentally failed to attend the meeting, were dismissed from the ROHR Zimbabwe Chapter on purely disciplinary issues which ranged from lack of accountability to charges of immorality in the course of executing their ROHR duties.

With a primary focus of attaining the highest possible standards of responsibility and dignity as human rights defenders, ROHR Zimbabwe remains unapologetic in excluding these twomembers from the organisation and indeed, as advised to them, wish them well in their future human rights advocacy endeavors outside of ROHR.

As resolved at the National Executive Meeting, ROHR Zimbabwe is continuing an accelerated programme of capacity building in the fight for respect of human rights in Zimbabwe which are continually violated by the Zimbabwean government which disregards the rule of law and constitutionalism.

The Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe Chapter invites those with like concerns to come forward and partner with ROHR Zimbabwe to bring much needed confidence to Zimbabweans to believe in and recognise their basic human rights as enshrined in the constitution and the United Nations declaration of human rights.

ROHR Zimbabwe remainsfocused and undisturbed by the desperate outbursts of destructive elements in their pursuit of personal enrichment and glory.

ROHR Zimbabwe remainsbound by the belief that the fight for the restoration of human rights in Zimbabwe calls for selfless individuals wanting to see a change in the attitude of those governing the people of Zimbabwe.

Issued by the Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe Chapter – 27 June 2016

For photos and videos of ROHR International Zimbabwe in Chapter in Harare on Monday 27th June 2016: They are taking part in a civil society protest against the national pledgedemanding human rights and wider freedoms.