ROHRZ Reading branch held its monthly meeting on 18th June 2016 at The Theodore Bullfrog, 26-30 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6HL from 12 -2pm.Members mainly discussed the forthcoming 30th July 2016 national fundraising event, updates from the National Executive Meeting (NEC) and various other subjects. At the end of their meeting, the group left to attend and support the Zimbabwe Vigil outside the Zimbabwe House.

The meeting began with a prayer from cde Alice Shimika followed by the Chairperson Nicodimus Muganhu unfolding the agenda. There was more discussion on the fundraiser and an election of a working team led by cde Deborah Harry. Cde Joshua Kahari revealed his flyer for the function and some members gave their suggestions to add to it. Raffle tickets began selling right away and Cde Charles Mararirakwenda and some other members, pledged their contributions towards the food bank donations. There was also a revisit and advice on the Home Office country guidance on Zimbabwe for those with pending asylum cases. Members were informed of the expansion of ROHRZ organisation as the South Yorkshire and South African branches were now registered and functional. There was advice also for members to keep branch problems to their platforms rather than include non- concerned member groups.

Cde Alice Shimika was appointed as the new vice secretary for the branch and she welcomed the position. The branch also welcomed new candidates that revealed interest in joining in and a brief induction and familiarisation with the proceedings was carried out for them.

The meeting ended with a prayer before members left to attend the Zimbabwe Vigil outside Zimbabwe House until 6 pm.

Joshua Kahari, Information & Publicity Officer, ROHRZ Reading branch