ROHRZ Reading branch once again had a successful community outreach campaign on “Mugabe must go” awareness on Saturday 21st May from 11.30 am – 1.30 pm. The well-attended event (in spite of windy weather) took place in Reading city centre and attracted many locals. Our large and boldly written protest messages, the rhythmic singing and drum beating by members helped draw attention to our cause by many local passers-by. Some joined in to denounce the dictator, some collected flyers, some asked more about political situation in Zimbabwe and some signed our petition requiring the perpetrators of political violence and gross human abuses in Zimbabwe to be brought to justice. The event was a hive of activity and members were overwhelmed by the number of people hungry to know how a 92year old man could revive his failed state with bond coins.

Following the end of outreach session, members held their monthly general meeting in the RISC Hall from 2.30 – 5 pm. They discussed minutes and resolutions from previous meetings, preparations for the forthcoming Bedford fundraiser, the July 2016 Reading national fundraiser and various other matters. The group joined together to celebrate Shyline Sipada’s birthday. The meeting concluded with prayer.

Joshua Kahari, Information & Publicity Officer, Reading Branch