Report on ROHRZ Reading branch Community Outreach and General Meeting – March 2016

The Restoration of Human Rights (ROHRZ) Reading Branch held a successful outreach awareness campaign on the deterioration of human rights in Zimbabwe on Broad Street in Reading town on 19th March 2016. Members took time to engage with the local community explaining the current dire Zimbabwe situation and also how it felt to live under the authoritarian regime of Robert Mugabe. They also waved placards and handed out leaflets which carried various massages denouncing the dictatorship of Mugabe and his ZANU (PF) government.

Branch members Drummed and sung and danced songs of solidarity which caught the attention of people passing-by about their business. People from various races were also keen to know more about Zimbabwe and the majority had heard of Mugabe being not a nice man at all. Support on the day also came from as far afield as Slough and London ROHRZ branches. The chairperson of ROHRZ Reading branch Mr Nicodimus Muganhu said to the community, ‘We will continue to escalate our activism against the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe and it does not need a rocket scientist to tell the whole world that Mugabe has ruined the country. As a leader he has failed and should retire or be forced to leave office. The people of Zimbabwe are tired of his divisive politics which hinge on torture, retribution and patronage enabling him to prolong his days in office.’

All the members emphasised ROHRZ‘s continued stand to fight for the marginalised and the voiceless so that they could live in a world where they could be considered as equals. To live in a system where everyone has an equal chance to live their dreams, hopes, aspirations and advance them into reality without fear or favour from officialdom was the prize. Members felt energised and looked forward to another outreach awareness in the coming months. They agreed to engage more with community leadership and also to fully integrate with the Reading society as it is home for now.

After the outreach the members had their monthly branch general meeting at the Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC). They discussed various subjects including fundraising for future events, welfare for members, twinning with Mashonaland East, ZimVigil attendance, the forthcoming National Training day and confirmation of resolutions from previous meetings.

Members also marked birthday anniversaries for two of their members with lots of drinks, cakes, presents. Everyone wished them a long healthy life. The day ended at 5pm and members dispersed peacefully.

Compiled by Nicodimus P Muganhu and Joshua Kahari