On 26th November 2016, ROHRZ Reading held a Christmas dinner party at Spice Oven Restaurant in their community area from 7:30 – 11 pm. The event was intended to give a break from dealing with matters abroad and it saw many interacting, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

ROHRZ Reading has had a busy, hardworking year in their desire to fulfil branch and national calendar events’ demands. They held successful monthly community outreach programmes, hosted a national fundraiser, attended Zimbabwe Vigil and presented foodbank donations to ReadiFood at end of summer. Reading was also proud to have an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives by raising funds to help individuals and families. A recent outstanding beneficiary was Zimbabwean activist Linda Masarira’s family who was given foodstuffs and other materials donated by the branch through Mashonaland East twin branch.

The exhaustive diary line up made the group organise a one-time evening of celebrating pre-festive season together and ensuring a good plan for the year 2017 ahead. The event was attended by the president of ROHR Zimbabwe Ephraim Tapa, the national treasurer Jonathan Kariwo and some Reading members and their families. The group enjoyed a three course meal with as many repeat orders as they wanted. There were laughs and signs of joy as people interacted with one another.

The party ended at 11pm with everyone in high spirits. It was another day of unity and success. Reading looks forward to year 2017 and promises to lock horns with Mugabe regime as they do more to elevate human rights in Zimbabwe.

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/90023465@N03/albums/72157676046803111

Joshua Kahari (ROHRZ Reading Information Publicity officer & National Information, Publicity and Advocacy Deputy)