ROHRZ Reading branch held its monthly general meeting on Saturday 20th February 2016 at The Strand Continental Hotel in central London. Various subjects were on the agenda including the president and chairman’s addresses to the members, branch activities and calendar plan, lobbying members of parliament, membership, training and recruitment. The meeting began at 11:30 and ended at 14:00hrs.

The chairman Nicolas Muganhu anchored the meeting and Deborah Harry moderated time keeping. On membership, the chairman highlighted departmental positons and how important it was for the holders to show commitment towards the development of the branch. He said a routine line to demarcate between members and supporters was to be introduced and, there was no guarantee of keeping a position if members were dissatisfied with any office holder’s poor performance. Also a new membership card was in circulation and members were advised acquire one as soon as they could. He also said a national training day on human rights for members within various portfolios was coming soon in March 2016 and would be worth attending. There were also discussions on fundraising, attending the Zimbabwe Vigil, twinning province Mashonaland East before the Chairman’s address for 2016.

The meeting was also blessed with the presence of the president of ROHRZ Ephraim Tapa. He commended on all hard work Reading branch had been involved in and encouraged to keep up the good work. In his speech he said, “This is not an ordinary branch, it’s a unique branch with so many strengths, with so many positives, well done Reading. I love Reading!” and members gave him a big round of applause. Mr Tapa also spoke of membership issues and said a new website with a new look featuring the Executive and branches with branch members’ name was coming soon. He also spoke of at least six branch fundraising events per year aiming better results. Members were told all had a role to play to achieve that and there was need for commitment, loyal and selfless cadreship. There was also much discussion on how to further help the people in Zimbabwe and to make sure that the Zimbabwe offices continued to receive funding and any other help to resume programmes and make a difference on the ground.

Ben Semwayo ROHRZ Central London branch member also attended the meeting and deliberated very important points on fundraising for the organisation. At 14:00hrs members concluded the meeting with a prayer and left for the Vigil protests and demonstrations where there was a mock birthday party for the nonagerian Robert Mugabe.

For ROHRZ Reading Branch
Joshua Kahari (Information & Publicity Officer)