ROHR International Middlesbrough branch held its general meeting on 27th February 2016 at Teesside University, Claredon Building in Middlesbrough. The meeting kicked off at 14:30 hours with the Organising Secretary Ndumiso Ncube asking fundraiser Josephene Khomeh to give an opening prayer and thereafter making brief welcoming and introductory remarks. He then asked ROHR North East Co-ordinator Tapiwa Semwayo to chair the meeting. Issues on the agenda included: homelessness, unemployment, higher education tuition, mixing of different cultures or religions in one house, drug and alcohol abuse. The Organising Secretary had done his job very well to ensure the success of the meeting. To add quality and purpose to our meeting we had the honour to have the Founder/ President of ROHR Mr Ephraim Tapa attending the meeting.

Among the invited guests were the Middlesbrough Police Commissioner Mr. Barry Coppinger who came on behalf of the MP who was unable to attend. The commissioner said that the Middlesbrough community was supportive of asylum seekers and limited charities still operate. He also said he had observed that asylum seekers were targeted and persecuted by robbers and there was real need to educate asylum seekers on their rights and responsibilities. As always invited guests had the opportunity to share their ideas with ROHR members at this meeting.

The President of ROHR gave suggestions on how to make the branch functional. He urged the members to work hard in order to help its twin branch Matabeleland South to have projects that will help to raise money to meet travel expenses to the NEC monthly. Mr. Tapa then helped with the gap filling of the committee members for the branch. He urged chosen members to take up positions for organisational goals and not for personal gains He went on to encourage everyone to play their roles diligently and to operate as one unit. The position of secretary was taken by Esther Munyira.

Lastly Co-ordinator Tapiwa Semwayo took the opportunity to thank the commissioner and other invited guests for their support of ROHR Middlesbrough and asked them to continue with their much appreciated support for the branch. She gave a closing prayer and the meeting ended at 17:30 with all members wishing the President Mr. Ephraim Tapa a safe journey back to London.

Esther Munyira
Vice Chairperson / Secretary ROHR International Middlesbrough