Press Statement on the reconstitution of the leadership of the Zimbabwe Chapter of the Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) International

The Restoration of Human Rights International is pleased to announce that after a special congress chaired by the ROHR International President Ephraim Tapa the leadership of ROHR’s Zimbabwe Chapter has been reconstituted. The special congress was necessitated by the need to respond to escalating human rights abuses that have occurred since the highly disputed 2013 general election and the lack of enactment of the Constitution. Rights issues that need to be addressed are:

  • The lack of follow up workshops to train and educate ordinary citizens on their constitutional rights.
  • The failure by government to implement social, political and economic reforms in electoral commission, media, security and judiciary sectors.
  • The brazen abduction, torture and violent beating of human rights activists.
  • The persistent failure by national and local government to deliver basic services such access to water, electricity and employment.
  • The unfair targeted persecution of vendors, the urban population occupying what the government deems (despite prior approval) illegally constructed housing
  • The opportunistic and predatory dismissal of workers without compensation.

This lack of policy consistency and commitment on the part of government on human rights issues has led to the ultimate regressive decline in civil liberties, failure to observe the rule of law and protect human rights defenders. It is against this backdrop of further deterioration of human rights and the urgent need to reconstitute a robust civil society and human rights organisational structure to defend human rights that the Zimbabwe Chapter of the Restoration Of Human Rights International has been resuscitated and its national and provincial structures reconstituted.

This will give it further impetus to act as a vanguard to combat human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.
Let’s all join forces with ROHR International Zimbabwe Chapter to fight human suffering and restore human dignity and rights.

Jointly drafted by
Tino Mashonganyika: Head of Information and Publicity, ROHR International: United Kingdom Chapter
Vice National Chair, ROHR International: Zimbabwe Chapter
Approved by: Ephraim Tapa, ROHR International President / Founder / Chairperson