The Restoration Of Human Rights International as a non partisan civic organization whose members and partners hold different political persuasions would like to formally state that we have adopted a neutral position on the Referendum of Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Any present day international human rights organization owes much of its existence to numerous multi-state institutions like the United Nations and the European Union which signed binding treaties to make human rights enforceable globally.

We therefore encourage our members both within and outside the UK to engage with all concerned stakeholders on this matter.

Each member’s participation in this key civic decision will be conducted with the autonomy and choice to advocate and campaign for a position they feel would best serve cause of human rights in Britain, Europe, Africa and the world over.

Tino Mashonganyika, Head of Department: Information, Training & Policy Research, ROHR UK Charter

Approved by Ephraim Tapa, Founder & Chairperson, ROHR International.