Today the people of Matabeleland South gathered in Gwanda to elect their provincial executive for ROHR. The excitement seen at all the other province launches was by far exceeded. The meeting coincided with the town fathers intending to introduce prepaid water meters. This has not gone down well with residents and a demo is planned. The demo is being led by the residents’ association and ROHR. An estimated 5000 people are expected to take to the streets. The meeting was well attended and a Chair was elected. Passionate human rights activists were chosen to be part of the executive. As always, the history, vision and objectives of ROHR were outlined. The meeting was graced by members of the residents’ association who asked ROHR to speak on the day of the demo. A special guest was the first executive mayor from the opposition, also a former headmaster, lecturer and legislator. The new executive requested help with visibility material on the day of the demo in form of tshirts, banner, fliers and mobilisation funds. A hearty welcome to our new brothers and sisters.