ROHR Mashonaland East Provincial Structure was set up on Saturday 26th September. Their report on WhatsApp reads: Welcome on board a new member of our ROHR family, Mashonaland East Province. It happened this morning at the Harare Gardens We had to change the venue from Marondera to Harare for security reasons , , .

Despite all the fears, we managed to have a successful meeting where a new executive was elected with the following posts: Chair, Co-ordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and others. The meeting was chaired by ROHR’s Vice Chair who gave an overview of the organisation. ROHR’s history, vision and programmes were explained. The people present showed great interest and pledged to work hard for the organisation. The Chair promised ‘fireworks’. The new committee stated people with positions should: have time bound deliverables, work as a united team, have evidence based advocacy, be reliable and honest, be the voice of the voiceless, not to abuse the privilege of leading in ROHR and finally not abuse the WhatsApp platform meant for ROHR business.

The meeting ended with participants having lunch and getting their bus fares. Our treasurer and a pastor from a local pentecostal church prayed and pronounced blessings on every member of ROHR, its visionaries and the nation of Zimbabwe. Thank you all, thank you our president and founder. God bless and protect us all.