There was jostling for positions today at the Harare Gardens where a provincial structure was being constituted. No one wanted to be left out of the ROHR provincial committee. More people than invited turned up at the meeting point. The meeting started with introductions where people of immense experience and qualifications introduced themselves.

Not to be out done were the students from the University of Zimbabwe also present. The Vice Chair gave a general overview of ROHR: its history, objectives and vision. The excitement was amazing and people were raring to go well before the committee was formed. People asked questions and also made their recommendations. It was agreed that positions for people living with disability was a critical inclusion in the structure. The committee was elected with a lady elected as Chair. Because of the huge turnout, we had to introduce a secretary for information and publicity which is not enshrined in our constitution. District representatives were elected to kick start our district structures. A Chair and Deputy for a separate structure for the University of Zimbabwe were elected and mandated to go and fill up the structure.

ROHR is raring to go in Harare. Great minds, schemers, strategists have committed themselves today to take Harare and Zimbabwe to the promised land. Thank you Harare. Thank our President. Thank you our brothers and sisters in the UK. Thank you Zimbabwe. ROHR, together we can.