ROHR ZIMBABWE is spreading rapidly in the UK as national Co-ordinators spread the gospel of human rights awareness in this country among the exiled Zimbabweans. Branches have already been opened elsewhere in the UK and now a branch has opened in West Bromwich. Weekly Vigils are conducted in London and are attended by increasing numbers of Zimbabweans. ROHR branches have been created, to make everybody aware of their rights and to equip Zimbabweans with tools to fight current gross human rights abuses. Ultimately we should be able to stand up for our rights: justice, peace and freedom. This was the theme of the launch.  The LaunchThe successful launch of the West Bromwich Branch was witnessed by over 90 Zimbabwean human rights activists who sang, danced and prayed for Zimbabwe at the West Bromwich Town Hall. The success owed a lot to the West Bromwich pre-launch committee of activists: Pamela Dunduru, Chair Person, Secretary: Grace Nhamburo, Fund Raiser: Diana Mtendereki ; and Information and Publicity: Zabron Mponda.   Invitations This working committee invited local MP Mr Watson, local councilor Mr S Hackett as well as ROHR President Mr Tapa. Due to their busy schedules they could not be there, but gave their blessing for the launch. This was highly appreciated.  Guest Speakers The launch and proceedings of the day were presided over by the ROHR National Co-ordinators Mr Gore and Mr Mapfumo. They chronicled the history of the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Zimbabwean regime against its own people especially in the past ten years. Torture, unlawful arrests, abductions and detentions without trial / after acquittal were still rampant in Zimbabwe even as we launched this branch, the GNU notwithstanding, they said. Zimbabweans here in the UK and back home must be informed, reminded and educated about their rights, we were told by these co-ordinators.   The guest speakers pointed out that the role of ROHR has been misunderstood to be that of an asylum-seeking body for exiled Zimbabweans, which it was not. Its role is to conscientise about human rights issues and to fight abuses in Zimbabweans. However its active members could seek advice from them should the need arise. The National Co-ordinators emphasised the need to raise funds to help children, women and other organisations fighting for  peace, justice and freedom in Zimbabwe  Local Media  The local radio, Nehanda Radio, was also invited. They asked Mr Z. Mponda, who was displaying the pictures that showed abuses and killings that went own during the period running up to the June 27, 2008 Presidential Run-Off elections, to take them through the horrendous array of photographs. The pictures horrified all who attended. They were shocked by the extent of government brutality on its own people. Many decided to join in the campaign for human rights in Zimbabwe. The hope is that this news media will continue to work with us in all future endeavours.    Fund-raising  The Working Committee led by Pamela was able to raise £124 on the day. A big thank you to all who came to the launch of the West Bromwich Branch. Let us continue to work together until peace, justice and freedoms have been achieved in Zimbabwe. ”Your country needs you!!”    The New West Bromwich Executive Committee After a question and answer session, the following were elected to the Committee: Chair – Pamela Dunduru Deputy Chair – Edwin Kutsonga Secretary – Grace Nhamburo Organising Secretary – Peter Nkomo Treasurer – Joyline Kutsonga Deputy Treasurer – Godwin Kativu Fundraiser – Diana Mtendereki Deputy Fundraiser – Lydia Makore Information and Publicity Zabron Mponda Activists – Rosmary Mandaza, Hilda Katsande, Abigail Kadirire, Wilfred Chiimba,   Portia Tsvangirayi, Tapiwa Maponga, Tysine Chiwayi   Prepared byZabron Mponda Information and Publicity Secretary, ROHR West Bromwich Branch