The launch of the ROHR Southampton branch was an auspicious occasion. It was attended by Mr Ephraim Tapa the ROHR Zimbabwe President together with the ROHR Zimbabwe National Executive. The occasion was thronged by Zimbabweans from all walks of life and from all over the United Kingdom to support yet another milestone in the continuous growth of ROHR Zimbabwe.


In addition to this the occasion was attended by Mr Arnold Magwanyata and Mr David Kadzutu, the Founding members of Yes We Can Zimbabwe. They both gave moving speeches which augmented the founding principles and values of ROHR Zimbabwe and the conviction of all in attendance.


Chamunorwa Chisuko (National Organising Secretary) and Taylor Madondo (Chairman Southampton Branch) started the occasion off by welcoming everyone to the Launch of the Southampton Branch. After introducing everyone in attendance, Chamunorwa Chisuko invited Mr Ephraim Tapa (ROHR Zimbabwe President) to the floor.


The president began by clarifying and emphasising that ROHR is not a political party, that ROHR is there is challenge the abuse of human rights in Zimbabwe.  He followed this by introducing Mr Arnold Magwenyata and Mr David Kadzutu from Yes We Can Zimbabwe. He explained that Mr Magwenyata was a political veteran well known in Zimbabwe politics known to be an advocate for the Zimbabwean people and their liberation struggle against political oppression.


Mr Ephraim Tapa praised everyone in the room for their conviction to do something and not be indifferent about the situation in Zimbabwe. He expressed particular joy in being in Southampton because of the history of detractors who had previously tried to destabilise ROHR in Southampton. He said that ROHR was an organisation conceived from strong convictions and values and not easy to destroy because of what it stands for.


Mr Tapa went on to mention that ROHR was an organisation that is focused on the restoration of human rights in Zimbabwe and was founded by him, other torture victims and those who were abused in Zimbabwe. Mr Tapa stated that he was tortured, and rescued and then started ROHR Zimbabwe. He reiterated the fact that Zimbabwean people were in the Diaspora because there was no peace in Zimbabwe. There is no rule of law and the army, police and Zanu PF oppress people with impunity. He mentioned injustices that range from people being harassed and tortured to the denial of basic Human freedoms and liberties.


Mr Tapa ended by urging all Zimbabweans to TAKE RESPONIBILITY for the situation in Zimbabwe!

His key words were “Today is an opportunity to rise and take up against tyranny and injustice”. There were numerous contributions and questions from the floor. The highlights were contributions from Shadreck Chivange, Sally Mutseyami (Vice Chair Southampton) and Tawanda Dzimba (Secretary Southampton).


There was a feast for kings served to all in attendance during the occasion and comments from the floor were that this should set precedence for all future ROHR Zimbabwe events.


Election and confirmation of the Southampton Executive:

The following were voted into office at the ROHR Zimbabwe Southampton Branch Executive

Chairperson:                  Taylor Madondo
Vice Chairperson:           Sally Mutseyami
Secretary:                     Tawanda Dzimba
Organizing Secretary:     Manfred Mambo
Vice Organising Secretary: Wellington Mukucha
Treasurer:                     Timothy Musawani
Vice Treasurer:              Brian Kaitano
Info & Publicity-             Tracy Jacobs Dzimba
Vice info & Publicity-   Noma Gugu
Secretary for Fundraising: Natalia
Committee member: Aaron Chipeture


Present at the Occasion were: Ephraim Tapa (ROHR President,  Anesu Moyo (National  Organising Secretary), Mrs Zvorwadza ( Chairperson Nottingham), Miss Dube (Chairperson Leicester), Christopher Kamuzonde (Organising secretary Leicester), Jonathan Kariwo (National coordinator), Patricia Masamba (Slough Branch-National coordinator), Colin Chitekwe (Kent Branch) Arnold Magwenyata( Zimbabwe We Can), David Kadzutu ( Zimbabwe We Can), Thandie Nyamvura (Birmingham Branch), Frank Sugar, Moses Makawa, Bruno Ngondonga, Shaddrick Chivhange, Jane Merry Mapfumo, Jabuka(Birmingham), H Mbele, A Mazula(Nottingham), Cosper(Milton Keynes), Eniah Dube(Chairperson-Leicester),Brain Mashonganyika, Patricia (Slough) and  Chamunorwa Chisuko (National Organising Secretary) and others.


REPORT BY: Tracy Jacobs Dzimba – Information & Publicity ROHR Southampton