It is with great pride that I announce the successful birth of ROHR Zimbabwe’s North London branch which was launched on the 7th November 2009 at the Tottenham Chances in North London. The meeting was opened with a prayer by Sister Snodia and followed by introductions. Mr Ephraim Tapa (the founder) was not in attendance but an apology was relayed to the attendees for his absence. The occasion and events were presided over by ROHR representatives Mr P Mapfumo (UK Co-odinator), Miss Pamela Dunduru (Organising Secretary UK ), Mr Tichaona Mutyambizi and Mr Tapfumaneyi a solicitor from Bake and Co solicitors. The launch was represented by Zimbabwean activists from different races, political and religious sectors with some travelling from as far as West Bromwich but the human rights agenda was the mutual objective and principle. 

We give thanks to our key speakers Miss Pamela Dunduru and Mr Mutyambizi for being great orators by providing stimulation for the people to listen and learn and also participate in a question and answer session in which all in attendance were left better equipped to represent the organisation and reflect its objectives to the general public .The need for activism on the human rights front was emphasised by the speakers to all ROHR members and also members were urged to participate in demonstrations like the Zimbabwe Vigil that highlight the abuses in Zimbabwe . Good activism to emulate was shown by members of ROHR Hayes branch who put together medical supplies, stationary and clothes for donation to the under privileged in Zimbabwe. The speakers encouraged and spoke highly of such activism as it supports the needy and instills hope in the people. The people were notified and urged to attend the ROHR Milton Keynes fundraising event and the upcoming petition on the 19th November which will be presented to 10 Downing Street .Thanks to Mr Tapfumaneyi who answered questions from the audience concerning employment law, family law, immigration and asylum issues. Zimbaweans were urged to sturdy and develop themselves as individuals to build a New Zimbabwe when the time comes and when its safe to return home. 

Everyone was presented with copies of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Zimbabwe is a signatory of the African Charter of Human  and Peoples’ Rights but it’s surprising when you look at the reports of torture, abductions, unlawful arrests, detention without trial amongst a whole lot of other abuses which still continue in Zimbabwe. Special thanks was given to the organisers of the event Collin Chitekwe Co-odinator, Gladys Mapanda, Bekithemba Nyahwa, Valarie Chengaose, Tonderai Magara, and Chipo Denenga, who all had various tasks from cooking the delicious  food served on the day. hiring and preparing the venue, and designing and distributing flyers. An interim committee was elected with the elections conducted by Pamela Dunduru and Mr Mandere the chairman of ROHR Milton Keynes and the following were elected:
Chair                                         Gladys Mapanda                                            
Vice Chair                                 Tonderai Magara
Secretary                                  Valerie Chengaose
Vice Secretary                           Patricia Nyamadzi
Treasurer                                   Lungile Ncube
Information & Publicity                Bekithemba Nyahwa
Gender Secretary                       Angela Tigere
Fundraiser                                 Wellington Chimombe
Youth Secretary                         Chipo Denenga
Organising Secretary                  Philomena Ngirazi 

As the events were drawing near to the end the North London branch was presented with a cake from the Hayes branch to bless the occasion of which everyone had a share. The meeting was closed with a prayer by Maina Muchinjika. 

On behalf of the interim committee and the chairperson of ROHR North London branch l would like to thank all those who attended and supported this event as you all contributed to the successful launch of our branch. 86 people signed the register. 

Bekithemba Nyahwa
Information & Publicity, North London Branch