ROHR Zimbabwe held a general meeting on Saturday 27th October 2012 to launch the Central London Branch. ROHR Central London has long been awaited as it will have a pivotal and challenging campaigning role in the UK capital where parliament and foreign embassies are based.

Present at the meeting were members of ROHR National Executive who helped with the election of the committee.  The President of the organisation Mr Ephraim Tapa addressed the members on the benefits of having a Central London Branch for the organisation.  The Central London branch has not just the easy access to the UK parliament but also London is the financial hub of Europe.  The President’s speech made the audience realize that they shared the same concerns with ROHR Zimbabwe and stressed the need for members to form the branch and unite and rally sturdily behind the organisation.

The Central London branch members and leadership asserted that they were solidly behind ROHR and what it stands for.  Mr Tapa informed the gathering that with the establishment of ROHR, the people of Zimbabwe now have a common and strong voice to articulate the concerns and problems of the citizenry.

The President enlightened the members on actions that may be required to articulate his vision for the growth of the organisation. Further to detailed discussions, members were advised to remain resolute in helping compatriots in Zimbabwe rediscover their voice to challenge those who violate their human rights.

The President concluded with discussion on matters of current interest and concern, with subject matter ranging from how to revitalise the branch and prevailing political situation in Zimbabwe.

The National Executive conducted the election for the first Central London Branch committee. The following office bearers were elected:

Chairperson                Mr Fungayi Mabhunu                         
Vice Chairperson         Ms Sharon Makhosi-Bhebhe                    
Secretary                     Ms Cynthia Mutede
Organising Secretary  Mr Elijah Bhebhe
Treasurer                    Ms Mary Muteyerwa
Publicity Secretary      Mr Admire Mhindurwa and Mr Brighton Chida Mbwizhu
Fundraising                 Ms Helen Rukambiro
Committee member     Mr Peter Sidindi

The new Chairperson, Mr. Fungayi Mabhunu, addressed the newly elected committee of the branch and geared them up for the challenges that lay ahead and the positive contribution that will be valuable to the organisation in the coming year.  He set goals for the committee and branch as a whole and thanked the members of London for their confidence in the newly elected committee.  Mr  Mabhunu stressed that in order to attain those set goals it was important for the branch to work together and show full commitment.

Report by Cynthia Mutede
Secretary, ROHR Central London Branch