Date / time: 19 June 2009 / 9.45 am – 2.15 pm
Venue: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Board Room, Beverly Court
No of participants:  31 

Harare province was the fifth venue for the leadership development and capacity development campaign aimed at creating a pool of radical and community based activists who can stand up for their rights. The workshop was held on the 19th June 2009 and attended by 15 constituencies of Harare and Chitungwiza. Held at the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights boardroom ROHR has not stopped its endeavour to have a Zimbabwe where rights of citizens are the bedrock of democratic initiatives. The workshop was an opportunity for the organisation to set up Harare provincial structures which will spearhead the organizations activities and programmes in Harare 

Aims and objectives of the workshops
·         Structure building and consolidation at provincial level.
·         Popularise Rohr activities and finding out people’s expectations.
·         Inform, mobilise, motivate, inspire, empower, strengthen and develop ROHR members in all provinces of Zimbabwe to defend, promote and claim their fundamental freedoms, justice and both their constitutional and democratic rights.
·         Consultation on the issue of national healing and reconciliation. 

Issues covered/ Agenda
1.       Overall chair – Clifford Hlatywayo, Programmes Director
2.       Opening remarks: Cnllr L Maengahama, Harare Coordinator
3.       Introductions: Vimbai Mbisva, Field Officer
4.       Structuring: Mr Ray Muzenda, National Chairman
5.       What is ROHR-structure, vision, mission, activities, mandate, expectations: Mr T Gandanga, Secretary General
6.       The state of media in Zimbabwe: Mr Blessing Vava, Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) 7.       National Healing and Reconciliation / Truth, Justice & compensation vs forgive & forget: Mr Claris Madhuku, Platform for Youth Development Trust (PYD) Chairman
8.       The constitutional making process: Mrs Tsitsi Mikitai, NCA Representative
9.       People’s expectations from ROHR: Edgar Chikuvire, Participatory
10.   Way Forward (programmes): Mr R Muzenda, National Chairman
11.   Closing Remarks: Mr D Karanda, Harare vice Chairman  

The elected Provincial Coordinating Committee for Harare province
Provincial Chairman: Last Maengahama (Glenview)
Vice Chairperson: Diamond Karanda (Southerton)
Secretary: Sabina Tiriboyi (Mufakose)
Organiser: Barnabas Chirimanzi  (Zengeza)
Treasurer: Charles Chidhagu (Glenview)
Information and Publicity: Rebecca Warikandwa (Harare East)
Women: Tsitsi Mikitai (Mufakose), Neta Ndada (Glenview), Sarudzai Mavhundus (Harare East)
Youth: Claudius Mafiosi (Budiriro), Yvonne Musarurwa (Budiriro)                  

Resolutions from deliberations
·         Undertake protests when people’s rights are violated and action against people who wilfully abuse their offices such Johannes Tomana and 2008 terror sponsor Gideon Gono.
·         Grassroots workshops and public meetings in constituencies to capacitate and educate the public about their rights and how they can stand up and defend themselves.
·         Educate people as to where and how they can report such violations.
·         Conduct weekly meetings in constituencies so that they can forward their grievances on such gatherings.
·         Establishing Rohr Zimbabwe structures in all constituencies for mobilisation purposes.
·         Not to support the Kariba Draft Constitution and advocate for a people driven constitution making process.
·         The government of the day must not spearhead the national healing and reconciliation process because it is the number ones suspect hence it cannot be trusted.
·         Serious media reforms to be put in place as a matter of yesterday, failure of which will call for action from the people of Zimbabwe who are ready to go into the streets.  

·         A substantive Provincial Coordinating Committee was democratically and peacefully elected by the workshop participants from constituencies.
·         The workshop was able to spell out the official position of Rohr Zimbabwe visa vis the constitutional making process.
·         Participants were drawn from constituencies of Harare and Chitungwiza with the issue of gender and age balance fairly addressed.
·         The agenda of the day was well covered in time and intensively discussed.
·         The meeting was a well organised one against all odds. Credit to the Harare Field Officer Mr Vimbai Mbisva.  

Strengths – The ability of the Harare Field Officer on behalf of the Programmes department which is the driving force of the organisation, to stand above confused internal elements who are not people and progress driven. (see an insert programs report from the field officer below)  

Opportunities – Ready community and issues at hand that can be challenged.  

Weaknesses –  Internal squabbles which are being manifested by certain individuals who are misdirected and misinformed about what and how a human rights organisation must operate and managed.  

Threats – Political dynamics that are happening in the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe 

·         The proposed ill timed calling off by the board members of the workshop.
·         Some of the invited guests did not show up including others who were supposed to present on certain subjects.
·         The attendance was poor i.e. 37 against the anticipated 50.
·         Resource constrains.
·         No Rohr Zimbabwe information packs for distribution to members and also the absence of regalia.  

·         Undertake structure building in the 29 districts of Harare and 12 districts of Bulawayo province this July.
·         Organise protests against the existence in public offices of and Mugabe defending human rights violators, Gono and Tomana.
·         Arrange meetings for the elected Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCCs) for all the provinces.
Produce information materials and Rohr Zimbabwe regalia in numbers to help in the information dissemination and spread the organisation’s name everywhere.
·         The National Management Committee must be more organised and be visionary to where we are going with the people of Zimbabwe as far as human rights issues are concerned.  

Overall rating – Successful   

The workshop went on smoothly against all odds and a vibrant provincial structure was set up to steer Harare programmes. The workshop was one of the most successful and ROHR Zimbabwe is fast outpacing giant civil society organisations. The fact that ROHR Zimbabwe has a vibrant structure in Harare should give everyone from the membership, secretariat and the structures the motive to work hard for the growth of the organisation.  

Clifford Hlatywayo
Director of Programmes and Networking